What To Do About Turkestan Cockroaches In Gilbert

Turkestan Cockroach infestation.

Everybody knows how prolific nuisance cockroaches can be in Gilbert, but many people aren't familiar with this specific species. The three main types of cockroaches in our area are easily recognizable, but the Turkestan cockroach you can't reasonably consider as such. It's less common as a household pest, making it more challenging to defeat.

Knowledge is power, which is why our experts at Pro Active Pest Control, providing residential and commercial services, have put together this handy guide to pest control in Gilbert. Whether you're currently fighting an infestation or are simply curious about this lesser-known pest, read on to learn everything you need to know about the Turkestan cockroach, including how to kick it out once and for all.

What Do Turkestan Cockroaches In Gilbert Look Like?

Accurate cockroach identification can be a challenge, considering how elusive these insects often are. However, in this case, it's a little easier. The more prevalent cockroach species can often seem interchangeable due to just how common they are, but the Turkestan cockroach bears a rather distinctive appearance in comparison.

Also known as the red runner cockroach, the Turkestan cockroach is one to two inches long with a bright red exoskeleton and slender shape and functional wings, which they use to glide short distances. They're usually outdoor pests, but they can be just as tenacious as any other type of roach when they invade homes.

Why Are Turkestan Cockroaches Dangerous?

It would help if you never ignored the signs of a cockroach infestation. These insects are more dangerous than their size lets on, no matter the species. All cockroaches are notoriously unsanitary creatures. Their scavenging instincts lead them to traverse some genuinely filthy environments before ending up inside your home and infesting your food. 

The diseases cockroaches carry can include salmonella, cholera, E. coli, and dysentery. It's essential to keep up with proper pest control in your home to avoid these dangerous illnesses, but it's often easier said than done.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Turkestan Roaches In Homes?

Like any other type of roach, Turkestan roaches undergo an extremely efficient life cycle, more so than even certain other species. The Turkestan roach has been outcompeting the oriental cockroach in urban areas due to its ability to lay more eggs and mature more quickly.

On top of their prolific breeding cycle, these insects are incredibly elusive. Like the oriental cockroach, the Turkestan cockroach prefers dark, seldom-disturbed environments with high moisture content. If you notice one of these insects in your home, there may be many more of them lurking elsewhere.

You may be wondering how to get rid of cockroaches for good, with how quickly the pests are gaining traction in our area. There's at least one tried and true method for effective cockroach control despite the challenges.

The Secret To Effective Turkestan Cockroach Control

These pests may not be as familiar as some other types of roaches, but they're no less difficult to deal with, especially if you're going it alone. If you're struggling with a stubborn Turkestan cockroach population on your property or want to protect yourself from the possibility, the best method is to partner with a professional.

Our experts at Pro Active Pest Control are here to help. We know how these prolific pests operate, and we're ready to lend our expertise. There's no need to fight these insects alone.