Invasion Of The Field Mice – Mouse Pest Control In Roseville


Don’t be fooled by their cute appearance. Field mice are a one of the worst home pest problems to have. Mice look for a nice, warm house to build their brood in. Will it be your home?

Signs of a Field Mouse Infestation

With all of those open fields in the Roseville area, you’re likely to encounter field mice in your home at some point. Just like any other pest, field mice leave a trail of evidence wherever they go. The most common places to find evidence of field mice are the garage, the attic, and deserted areas, such as sub-flooring.

If you’ve noticed chewed up dog or cat food bags, there’s a good chance that a rodent is involved. Mice will also chew on insulation in your attic and use it as a nesting area. You may also find small, pellet-shaped droppings along baseboards, no bigger than a grain of rice. If you’re near a nest, chances are that you’ll smell it before you see it. Mice urine reeks of ammonia and typically comes from where the nest’s location.

Field Mouse Identification and Life Cycle

The most common field mouse is the ‘house mouse’. They are typically five inches long from nose to tail and are covered in brown, grey, or white fur. Field mice can become a major pest problem very quickly because they are prolific breeders. A female mouse can become pregnant every month, all year long. The gestation takes only 20 days! Each litter can have as many as a dozen mice. These blind, bald, and deaf offspring become fully mature, mating mice in 50 days. In other words, one pregnant mouse can quickly become an army of field mice, unless steps are taken to prevent their spread.

Field Mouse Health Hazards

Besides the unending chewing that mice will do to whatever is available, wild mice carry diseases. Field mice can be carriers of more than 30 diseases. These diseases can be spread to humans through the handling of mice, through contact with field mouse feces, urine, saliva, or through a mouse bite. They also can create more access points for other pests to come inside your home.

Field Mouse Pest Control

As you may have read about in Cold Weather Invaders – Pest Control Roseville, preventive measures make the best defense against field mice pest problems.

  1. Remove all sources of food: Place paper-bagged foods and pet foods into glass or plastic containers. Make sure the containers have tight-sealing lids. Don’t leave food out anywhere!
  2. Seal entry points to your home. Look for holes and cracks greater than ½”. Install aluminum or steel netting to prevent field mice from getting in.
  3. Contact Pro Active Pest Control to help you remove those field mice. As a professional pest control company, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to effectively solve mice pest problems.

Colder weather means more field mice pest problems. For effective pest control, you need Pro Active Pest Control to maintain an exterior pest barrier around your home through regular treatments. We provide Roseville pest control, El Dorado Hills pest control, Lincoln pest control, Rancho Cordova pest control, as well as provide pest control throughout the Greater Sacramento area. Contact Pro Active Pest Control for a free consultation and let us show you how we can help protect your home or business from fall pest problems.