How Bad Are Carpenter Bees In Gilbert?

Carpenter Bee chewing bark.

Carpenter bees are not the most harmful pests to encounter, but carpenter bee damage can become a severe problem over time. To fully eliminate carpenter bees from your Gilbert property, you will need to follow prevention tips and contact Pro Active Pest Control for ongoing assistance.

Identifying Carpenter Bees

Many people confuse carpenter bees with the similar-looking bumble bee, but there are some differences to look out for between these two to help you distinguish carpenter bees. While bumble bees have fuzzy abdomens with black and yellow stripes, carpenter bees sport shiny black abdomens with yellow only on their backs. Other than that, these two bees are fairly similar in size and shape, though carpenter bees are highly unlikely to sting you and can be much more harmful to your property.

Carpenter bees can cause a significant amount more damage than most people would think. These bees drills into wood and tunnel through the middle of wooden structures, creating tunnels and nests further and further back. A carpenter bee infestation can seriously weaken the wood supporting your home, leading to severe damage over time and the risk of structural collapses. Additionally, if carpenter bees infest the same wood year after year, moisture will inevitably get inside and cause the wooden structure to start rotting from the inside out.

Preventing A Carpenter Bee Infestation

One of the best carpenter bee treatment methods is proactive prevention. The following tips can prevent a carpenter bee infestation on your property, saving you from damage and costly repairs.

  • Stain or paint any wood surfaces on your property to deter carpenter bees from invading, as they are not likely to bore into areas of finished wood.
  • Remove any water or moisture issues around your property that will attract carpenter bees. Fix outside leaks and ensure gutters are draining properly to remove any pools of water.
  • Consider installing metal flashing or wire screening over wood surfaces. Carpenter bees can't bore through metal, and having wire screening over wooden areas will keep them away.
  • Repair any damage to your roofline, as this will stop carpenter bees from burrowing into openings. Not only can repaired roofs stop carpenter bees, but they can also prevent moisture issues.
  • Seal up all entrance holes made by carpenter bees. Use caulk or wood filler, as this will deter them from using the same holes the following year and will ensure that the internal wood of your home stays intact. Also, filling holes while carpenter bees are still inside can prevent these pests from reproducing or starting an infestation elsewhere.

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees

If you want to know how to get rid of carpenter bees, you should be contacting the professionals at Pro Active Pest Control. Expert assistance is the most effective way to get rid of carpenter bees that have found their way into your structure and can help you prevent carpenter bee damage. To fully eliminate carpenter bees on your property, contact Pro Active Pest Control today.