Wolf Spiders In Queen Creek: Habits, Bites, And Control

A wolf spider crawling

One of the fastest spiders around, wolf spiders can be quite terrifying for those of us who are put off by the thought of spiders. If wolf spiders are invading your home, contact our professional team at Pro Active Pest Control. We provide pest control in Queen Creek to ensure that homeowners and business owners alike never have to fret about unwanted pests, including wolf spiders.

Wolf Spiders Don't Spin Webs Like Other Spiders

Wolf spiders are a fairly large kind of spider found in the United States. There are over 200 species of wolf spiders found across the United States and Canada. Wolf spiders have eight legs and are usually dark brown in color. Their distinctive eye pattern makes them easy to recognize; they have four small eyes in front, found in a straight row, two larger eyes in the middle, and two widely spaced eyes on the top of their head. They have a stout body with long, hairy legs, and range in size from about ¼ of an inch to almost two inches. 

Unlike common house spiders in Arizona, wolf spiders are usually considered to be outside spiders and prefer to be close to the ground. Their presence in homes is usually accidental. Wolf spiders usually like to be in burrows or under debris while on soil. Outdoors, wolf spiders can commonly be found under stones, leaves, and other debris. Once inside a home, wolf spiders are usually found near floor level, along walls, and underneath furniture. 

One of the most distinguishing factors that sets wolf spiders apart from other types of spiders is that they do not spin webs to catch their prey. Upon finding an insect that is walking or resting on the ground, these strange spiders chase their prey down with their quick running ability. They are also known for carrying eggs on the bottom portion of their small bodies.  

Why are wolf spiders called wolf spiders? Similarly to wolves, they chase and pounce on their prey. Upon catching their prey, wolf spiders will usually inject venom into their prey or turn it into a small ball. 

Wolf Spider Bites Are Painful But Rare

It’s quite rare to be bitten by a wolf spider unless you provoke one; it’s believed that they will only bite if they are handled. It’s important to know that wolf spiders are not deadly, nor is their venom dangerous to humans. Only seek medical attention if you are allergic to spider bites. Some signs that you need immediate medical attention include:

  • Seeing a red line extending from the initial bite site, which could be a sign of a blood infection
  • A large or growing bump that resembles a hive
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling unconscious
  • Face and mouth swelling 

If you don’t need immediate medical attention, simply clean the bite with soap and water if bitten.

Four Tips To Prevent Wolf Spiders From Coming Inside

Put off by the thought of wolf spiders? Here are four simple tips to prevent wolf spiders from coming inside your Queen Creek home:

  • Use screens on all doors and windows.
  • Seal cracks on the outside of the home and block as many entry points as possible.
  • Sweep, vacuum, and clean your home often.
  • Remove clutter from inside and around your home.

While no preventive measures are completely foolproof, these tips should still help lower your chances of seeing any wolf spiders racing around your home.

Professional Pest Control Keeps The Wolf Spiders Away

If you’re longing to get rid of wolf spiders after spotting one inside your home, leave the hassle to the pest control experts. Here at Pro Active Pest Control, we firmly believe in giving you the peace of mind that you deserve. You should be able to enjoy the comfort of your home without the presence of any nuisances, including pests like wolf spiders. If you want to learn more about how we can help you permanently eliminate and prevent wolf spiders, give us a call today!