Why Are Bed Bugs In My Elk Grove Home?

Bed bug crawling on the ground.

You can’t go without pest control in Elk Grove. If insects and creatures aren’t blocked, they can bring diseases into your home or injure you. They can also destroy your personal effects and the exterior of your property. Bed bugs, for one, are known for wreaking havoc.

Bed bugs create red and itchy skin welts by biting humans and animals. They munch on you to access and absorb blood. These critters will hide all over the place and rapidly multiply if you don’t have bed bug control. To conquer them, you must learn more about their behavior. Knowing what causes bed bugs and how to check for bed bugs are the basics. Get all the facts now, including details on Pro Active Pest Control. We can show you how to get rid of bed bugs. We offer residential and commercial pest control for these insects, rodents, and more.

How Bed Bugs Travel

Bed bugs are very tiny. Their ring-shaped bodies are 0.25 of an inch long and reddish-brown. Two antennas are on their tiny heads, and six legs are on the edges of their larger tails. The midsection is curiously formed. Upon procreation, these insects lay pearly white eggs with translucent young. 

Animals and humans cause bed bugs because they feed on blood exclusively. They aren’t magnetized by dirt or debris, as rumored. Their populations exist on animal land and in public places, like fields, airports, bus stations, offices, schools, and hotels. Hiding on clothes and bags is how bed bugs travel. When grounded, they congregate in the following:

  • Fabrics
  • Upholstery
  • Couches
  • Mattresses
  • Electrical sockets
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Wallpaper
  • Flooring
  • Wood Trim

Discovering fecal grains or stains on surfaces and fabrics is a sign of a bed bug infestation. Their waste is brown or black and sometimes powdery. Other marks will be bloody or reddish-brown. Anticipate noticeably musty scents too. Regarding bites, they’ll be bunched up, patchy, and look similar to a rash.

What Attracts Bed Bugs  

Remember, blood is the only pull for bed bugs. Keeping your home neat can be helpful, but it won’t make it impossible for these insects to infiltrate. 

The Best Way To Prevent Bed Bugs

Commercial insecticides and natural pest control for bed bugs aren’t effective financially or systematically. The costs are high, and the items cannot reach an infestation. Each insect, nymph, and egg has to be treated. You can’t do this yourself because of how bed bugs travel. In any event, independent methods can include toxic elements. If you want to know how to get rid of bed bugs, start here: 

  • Pull your belongings away from others, and don’t put them on the floor or ground.
  • Request a different hotel room far away if you spot bed bugs.    
  • Insert your luggage in a protective cover or plastic bag.
  • Use hot water and high heat to clean and dry your travel clothes.
  • Regularly look overhead and footboards, mattresses, and box springs with a flashlight.
  • Examine drawer interiors, clothing piles, bags and purses, and furniture often.
  • Inspect second-hand items before purchasing for infestation clues.

You’ll have to worry about harsh chemicals and steep prices with natural pest control for bed bugs and other retail products. At Pro Active Pest Control, we have safe, eco-friendly, affordable solutions. Our experienced technicians will employ industrial-grade bed bug control treatments. Your problems are guaranteed to be solved. The staff members will also teach you how to check for bed bugs. When you call or email today, you’ll be given a free quote with absolutely no obligation!