Why Year-Round Pest Control Is A Great Decision For Your Lincoln Property

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The last thing you want is to be taken by surprise by a pest problem. Instead of addressing them as they arise, true pest control is about keeping up on all the things you need to do to keep pests out year-round. While you can help your cause with some smart at-home methods, only expert guidance and proven solutions can truly give you peace of mind.

Pests Are Always A Threat

People don’t often think about pests unless they notice their activity. While this is common in the spring and summer, when pests are buzzing around in the air or frolicking in the fields, it’s the unseen activity and hidden populations that can end up posing larger problems down the road. Pests, by their nature, look for areas where food, water, and shelter are abundant. They are at the bottom of the food chain outdoors, but inside of our properties, they can find everything they need to survive. While they're most active, pests will build up their populations and prepare for cooler times of the year. That means finding ways inside to hunker down and survive the chill. It’s this cycle of proliferation and invasion that makes pests year-round concerns. If you only stay up on pest prevention during certain parts of the year, you’re not accomplishing much since pests will simply thrive during the off-season when you least expect them.

Why At-Home Methods Often Fail

Not only are average property owners untrained in how to thoroughly apply prevention treatments or perform the necessary maintenance, failed pest control usually only ends up making the problem worse. Faulty traps or elimination methods will allow pests to adapt, finding new areas to nest, and new ways of avoiding detection. Methods that work to kill off some of the immediate problems can be some of the most misleading of pest solutions because they give people false hope that the problem has been solved. Instead, it’s the unseen pests, the hidden offspring, and the ones that are growing fat off our food, that should be the real target of pest control efforts. Only experts know how to root out and effectively eliminate pest populations. That’s not only more effective, but it’s also cheaper in the long run than flushing money down the drain on stuff that probably won’t work.

Why Our Methods Work

At Pro Active Pest Control, we’ve got years of experience keeping properties safe from pest problems. From routine prevention to timely removal of existing pests, professional services work because we cover all of these bases:

  • Inspection: Right away, we schedule thorough inspections of our customers’ properties to gauge their level of pest risk. We not only look for pest activity itself, we help identify problem areas or attractants that need to be addressed to reduce your risk of pest infestations. 
  • Treatment: Once we’ve figured out what your property needs, we’ll implement safe and effective treatments that drive off existing pests and ward off future ones. This kind of service is the only guaranteed way to treat pest problems, rather than rolling the dice with unproven methods.
  • Follow-up: The reason pest problems stay gone is because we make sure to follow up regularly, ensuring no new issues emerge.

Get Started Today

Pests aren’t just annoying, they can be dangerous for your health and property. That’s why, to truly stay safe from infestations, you should go with what works rather than what you think might be cheapest. Professional service is always a better option in the long run because we offer price guarantees and solutions that are safe for you and your loved ones and effective against pests. Contact Pro Active Pest Control to get started today, so year-round pest problems aren’t something you have to worry about.