Is It Bad To Have Wolf Spiders Around My Lincoln Home?

Wolf Spider crawling on a wooden wall.

It can be easy to assume that all spiders are pretty much the same. However, this isn't really the case. While all spiders do share some things in common, such as the fact that they have eight legs and are arachnids, they vary greatly in appearance and behavior. For example, while we often associate spiders with building webs to catch their prey, not all spiders do this. The wolf spider is one species in Lincoln that catches its prey in a strange way, and they also often get into area homes and businesses.

Wolf spiders are large spiders that can be rather terrifying to encounter around your property. They have sturdy bodies and large, hairy legs that are strong and enable them to run quickly. Their ability to run swiftly is the way they catch their prey. Instead of waiting in webs, they actively hunt them down. 

Because wolf spiders hunt for their meals, they often come into homes while pursuing their prey. You are much more likely to see a wolf spider moving around the baseboards or floors of your home than some other species that lay in wait inside their webs for their next meal.

In this guide, you'll learn all you need to know about wolf spiders and how you can prevent them from coming around your Lincoln area home.

Are Wolf Spiders Dangerous? 

Like other spider species, wolf spiders have fangs and venom, which they need to catch their prey and incapacitate them. So, because they have fangs, they can technically bite. However, they aren't considered dangerous to people or pets. Their venom isn't potent enough to harm people.

Of course, being bitten can still hurt, and it's not pleasant. You could feel a bit of pain and some slight swelling, but overall, it's not something to worry about. Also, wolf spiders are unlikely to bite often. They mostly try to stay out of your way, and while they can run quickly, they are usually trying to run away from you, not toward you.

The one thing to watch out for is that sometimes wolf spiders are mistaken for other species. You don't want to confuse the wolf spider for the more dangerous brown recluse. Keep in mind that wolf spiders do have markings on their legs while brown recluse spiders do not. Wolf spiders are also hairier and have a mix of brown, grey, and black colors.

Why Do Wolf Spiders Come Inside?

While some spider species in the area are more accustomed to living indoors, such as cellar spiders, the wolf spider prefers to remain outside most of the time. They are often found under leaf piles or in rocks, but they will come indoors while hunting pest prey.

Having underlying pest problems is one of the main reasons you'll see wolf spiders around your property. And, keep in mind that if you've started to see spiders, there are likely many more around that you don't see. They are likely around the yard or living inside walls or other areas.

How Can You Prevent Wolf Spiders?

The easiest way to prevent wolf spiders is to prevent their insect prey. Luckily, the experts at Pro Active Pest Control are here to help. With our ongoing eco-friendly pest treatment plans, we can deter both spiders and their prey. And, if you already have wolf spiders around, we will eradicate them completely.

To find out more about wolf spider control in the area or request a quote, just contact us today.