The Key To Effective Flea Control In Tracy

Flea up close.

While they may not look as intimidating as spiders or pack as much of a punch as scorpions do, fleas can be a big issue for residents of Tracy, California. Unfortunately, spotting these pests can be tricky – their brownish-black bodies usually only grow up to an eighth of an inch, and when they’re not hitching a ride on your pets, they’re flat enough to crawl through your carpet fibers.

As small as they are, fleas are far from harmless, these pests can transmit several diseases to humans, including typhus and cat-scratch disease. Some dogs or cats can even have allergic reactions to fleas and begin losing their fur if an infestation is left untreated. Fleas can also infect your pets (and occasionally humans) with tapeworms.

Whether you’re a pet owner or not, here’s what you should know about controlling (and preventing) fleas from causing a problem on your Tracy, California property.

How Do Fleas Get Into Your Tracy, California Home?

While they wait for a host to pass by, fleas typically spend their time in shady areas, including the bushes or tall grass. These creatures are resilient – not only are they almost impossible to squeeze or crush when you do find them, but they can live up to three months without a blood meal.

It’s a common misconception that fleas only enter your home through your pets. While fleas may prefer to hitch a ride on your dog or cat, that’s not their only form of transportation. Wildlife animals, like rabbits or raccoons, that get close to your home could also transmit fleas. Mice and other rodents that may also linger around your home can come with fleas attached as well.

While it’s most common to get fleas from pets or other wildlife, these pests don’t need a living host to make it into your home. Old furniture, clothing, or even debris can become riddled with fleas if they’re left in the wrong place, and then brought inside.

How To Prevent Fleas From Getting Inside Your Tracy, California House

If you’re worried that your property may be a hotspot for fleas, here are some ways to prevent them from getting inside your home:

  • Regularly treat your pets with flea medication all-year-round.
  • Keep your lawn well-groomed to prevent common hiding spots, such as long grass.
  • Address other rodent or wildlife problems that you may have with your property, such as raccoons or mice.
  • Regularly vacuum your carpet and wash your bedding to kill flea larvae and eggs.
  • Seal any tiny gaps or cracks where fleas or other rodents may get inside your home.
  • Trim overgrown bushes, trees, or shrubs where fleas could be hiding.
  • Avoid overwatering your lawn.

If you begin to notice that your pet is scratching or licking their fur excessively, or you start to notice dot-like bites on your feet, ankles, and legs, these could be signs that you already have a flea infestation on your hands.

Contact Pro Active Pest Control For Flea Control

While the steps above can go a long way towards preventing a flea infestation from taking root, you may need professional help if you’re already noticing signs of an infestation. At Pro Active Pest Control, we’re dedicated to helping residents in the Tracy, California area keep their homes and properties flea-free.

If you suspect that you’ve already got a flea infestation or your pets continually get bitten by fleas, don’t hesitate to contact us today for more flea help or assistance.