The Best Way To Protect Your Elk Grove Business From Pests

A woman standing in a luxury hotel room

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare. Your business is busy and you’re making money, you have families eating at your restaurant or groups of friends shopping at your boutique. Then all of a sudden, one of your customers yells “RAT!” and jumps up on a chair as a small rodent scurries across the dining room. Review sites go crazy, videos are all over social media, and just like that, your business is going viral for the worst possible reason. If you own a company, a pest like that can cost you your reputation, customers, money, and ultimately your business.

Pests In Hotels

Aside from restaurants, no industry relies more heavily on the reviews of their customers than the hotel industry. Websites across the country are littered with reviews, both positive and negative, of people who have stayed at hotels before. With plenty of lodging options to choose from, nothing turns people off more quickly than a review that includes the words “bed bugs.” 

With people staying from all over the world, food in every room, multiple entrances, and guests' tendency to leave messes like leftover pizza out for others to clean up, pests like rodents, bed bugs, ants, and cockroaches are drawn to hotels. For the reputation of the hotel, as well as the safety of the guests and employees, pest control issues need to be dealt with quickly and quietly.

Pests In Restaurants

Restaurants are an easy target for common pests like rodents, roaches, flies, and ants. They provide easy access to food, a temperature-controlled environment, and plenty of dark places to hide. A pest problem will not only damage the reputation of a restaurant, but can also lead to food contamination, health department fines, and short- or long-term closures. 

Because food handling guidelines are quite specific and can change, pest control needs to be handled by professionals who specialize in commercial pest control and are up-to-date on current regulations. Owners should also take time to educate their employees about pest prevention and proper sanitation.

Pests In Retail Stores   

Frequently opened doors, cluttered storage, and items coming in from all over the world make retail shops a hotspot for pests like rodents, flies, spiders, bed bugs, and cockroaches. A pest problem will give a retail store a bad name among current and potential customers. It can also lead to the damage of retail items and expose customers and employees to health risks. 

Because it is hard to control pest access to a retail store, it is important to get regular commercial pest control services, including developing a plan for handling infestations quickly.

Pests In Offices

No one wants to work in an office they have to share with pests. Common office pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, and flies tend to make their way into the building with someone who works there. Bed bugs may come in on an employee’s clothes while ants and flies may hitch a ride in a bagged lunch from home.

Pests in the office hurt productivity and can be dangerous to those working there. A pest control plan, along with educating employees about office cleanliness, can help prevent pests from taking over an office.

Pro Active Commercial Pest Control

At Pro Active Pest Control, we pride ourselves on commercial pest control plans that not only keep your business pest-free but are also environmentally friendly. Our state-certified and highly trained professionals can build a pest control solution that suits your business and budget. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies to treat and prevent pest problems in your business while also reducing pesticide use. IPM plans include inspection, identification, and treatment of pests based on the individual needs of your business. 

All our commercial services come with our 100% Pest-Free Guarantee, which means if pests return between scheduled visits, we will to, at no extra cost. Whether your business is a 5-star restaurant or a family furniture store, let Pro Active Pest Control keep you, your employees, and your customers safe and pest-free.