Rodents On Your Elk Grove Property Is A Bigger Problem Than You May Think

Rat eating food in a corner.

Rodents are a group of predominately non-flying mammals found throughout most of the world belonging to the order Rodentia. While many rodents primarily remain in natural, outdoor environments, some types thrive in areas near humans as scavengers, often consuming trash containing food scraps.

What animals are rodents? Among the most common types of rodents are mice, rats, squirrels, and beavers.

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Common Types Of Home-Invading Rodents

Despite being fearful of humans, rodents will enter homes. Some of the most common examples of rodents that infiltrate residential structures include the following:

  • Norway Rats: Often called the brown rat or sewer rat, researchers now believe that Norway rats originated in Asia—not Norway. These rats have small eyes, a husky body that measures six to nine inches, and a slightly shorter tail. 
  • Roof rats: In comparison to the Norway rat, the body of a roof rat is usually longer and leaner with much darker fur. Roof rats have superb climbing skills and agility, which allows them access to the upper areas of a structure, where they often infiltrate attics and other interior voids.  
  • Deer Mice: Although most common in rural settings, deer mice will make their way inside homes. Usually appearing brown, deer mice typically measure between five and eight inches, including their tail. 
  • House Mice: The common house mouse is a small, grayish rodent that is often less than six inches long, including its tail. Because of their size, the species will invade a home through tiny openings.

Rodents in Elk Grove are territorial creatures that aggressively compete for food; therefore, it is doubtful that a home would simultaneously become infested with both mice and rats.

All The Problems Rodents Around Your Property Can Cause

Once indoors, rodents will contaminate food and surfaces with their urine and feces. Some of the health-related problems associated with rodents include hantavirus, rat-bite fever, salmonellosis, and more. Rodents may indirectly create health risks, as they often carry ticks and other parasites. Pet owners should prevent their cats and dogs from confronting rodents because of the possible exposure to diseases.

Rodents often create property damage as they gather nesting materials such as insulation, fabrics, and paper products. Because of their habit of constantly gnawing on things, rodents might trigger a fire in a home when chewing on electrical wiring.

Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control Is Less Than Completely Effective

Many of the pest control products sold by local retailers make exaggerated claims, such as being a quick and easy way to get rid of rodents on your property. Some of the store-bought pest control options include baiting stations, sticky traps, and snap traps, which often prove inadequate for larger rodent infestations and might pose health risks. Speaking with an experienced pest control professional is the best means of responding to these bothersome pest intrusions.

The Best Rodent Control Solution For Your Property

Are you detecting indications of rodent activity in your Elk Grove home? The specialists with Pro Active Pest Control know how to get rid of rodents in yard areas quickly and how to prevent both big and small rodents from returning. Once we receive an inquiry, one of our well-qualified pest control technicians will visit the property and perform a thorough assessment of the premises. Following this inspection, we will explain the best available solution for expelling these undesirable pests. Contact our office today for a consultation.