Are Oriental Cockroaches Dangerous?

Yes, Oriental cockroaches are considered dangerous. But the reasons why they are dangerous may surprise you. Here's what you need to know most.

When you find a black widow spider in your home, no one has to tell you that it is dangerous. It is widely known for its bite, which can cause serious illness. When you find a yellow jacket buzzing around in your kitchen, you don't need a pest control expert to tell you that yellow jackets are dangerous. It's a wasp. And everyone knows that wasps sting. Most people don't have to be told that biting or stinging insects are dangerous but for creatures like the Oriental cockroach, which can be held in the hand without presenting any threat of a bite or sting, some people are tempted to think that they're harmless.

oriental cockroach in home

First of all, Oriental cockroaches can bite. But that isn't what makes them dangerous. A bite from one of these insects is only going to produce a red welt. If the wound is cleaned and disinfected, there is no risk of it worsening into something more threatening. The reason Oriental cockroaches and many other cockroach species are dangerous is linked to their ability to spread illnesses.


Oriental cockroaches hang out in some pretty gross places where we would never hang out. They are as comfortable on a dead animal lying in the forest as they are perched on a piece of fruit in your kitchen. This makes them harmful insects to have around. Studies have shown that cockroaches can spread more than 33 unique types of bacteria, some you may know by name, like Salmonella and E. coli. These are bacteria that have shut down food processing companies and restaurants. When cockroaches bring bacteria into a home, it can lead to contamination of surfaces, dishes, and foods. This can result in flu-like illness. For some individuals, and in some cases, this can be a serious threat.


Studies have revealed that cockroaches have a startling ability to carry microorganisms inside their guts. Tiny parasites, like giardia, can cause illness in the intestinal tract of humans when food tainted by cockroach feces are consumed or when foods are prepared on surfaces that have been contaminated by cockroach feces.


As if it isn't enough that these insects make us sick by directly contaminating the foods we eat and the surfaces we prepare food on, they can also create airborne contaminants. Cockroaches use air ducts as superhighways through man-made structures. When they leave their feces, body parts, and saliva in air ducts, it can exacerbate respiratory issues for everyone living in the home.

For some, skin contact with cockroaches can produce an allergic response that leads to a rash. Multiple rashes can break out in a single night if a curious cockroach finds its way into bed with someone who has an allergy. Fortunately, Oriental cockroaches don't prefer to get into bed with people. They will usually stay in areas that are high in moisture and humidity, only venturing out into kitchens and pantries to get a bite to eat.


When Oriental cockroaches get into your Sacramento home, they're not going to be content to stay inside like a German cockroach will or an American cockroach is prone to do. They are going to go in and out of your home. This makes them slightly more worrisome. When those Oriental cockroaches go out for a little while, they may be climbing around in a dumpster, trash can, sewer system, compost heap or some other dirty place. So, the first thing you should do when Oriental cockroaches appear in your home is seal your exterior walls. This will help to prevent them from coming and going as they please. The second thing you should do is enlist the aid of a licensed pest control professional. A professional will apply pest control products and employ strategies to effectively eliminate the cockroaches in your home and bolster your defenses so more roaches don't come in to replace the roaches that have been eliminated.

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