Wolf Spider


Wolf Spiders are robust spiders that are both quick and cunning. Named for their distinct way of hunting prey (they stalk insects instead of creating a web to snare them), Wolf spiders are typically shy in nature and avoid people.

Wolf spiders are usually tan or grey with white and black markings. Their coloring is similar to the brown recluse spider, however they don’t have the distinctive violin-shaped marking behind its head that a Brown Recluse has. They have eight eyes in three rows—four small on the bottom, two medium-sized on the top sides and the two largest in the middle. This gives them excellent sight in addition to their acute sense of touch. Their bodies and legs are covered with hair (similar to a tarantula).

Wolf Spider Behavior

Although their bite is venomous, it’s not lethal to humans. If you’re bitten by a Wolf spider, you’ll probably experience pain (anything from slight irritation to muscle pain), swelling and some itching.

Besides living in silk-lined burrows of grass instead of webs, female Wolf spiders uniquely carry their egg sac at the end of their abdomen. This pale, silken sphere typically has around 100-150 eggs inside of it. Once the spiderlings hatch, they hang on to their mother’s back for a couple of weeks before venturing out on their own.

Wolf Spider Pest Control

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