There are over 25,000 beetle species in North America. Beetles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are mostly characterized by having a hard exoskeleton and hard forewings, called elytra. They also have a set of mandibles, which can be used to grasp, crush or cut food.

Beetles Behavior

Beetles can be beneficial, harmful, and a simple nuisance. They’re beneficial, such as ladybird beetles, which eat common garden pests such as aphids. Beetles can be harmful based on their diet. Different beetles eat a variety of things from plant matter and grains to carpet fibers and wood. Beetle larvae live in and create tunnels in hardwoods and softwoods, usually more than ten years old. They create small, round holes, which appear especially in structural timbers.

The beetles life cycle varies greatly between species, but averages around two to three years. The majority of the beetle’s life cycle is spent in the destructive larval stage. Female beetles lay about 50 eggs.

Beetles Pest Control

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