Ants can easily be identified by their appearance, size, and behavior. They are typically brown, red, or black, have two prominent antennae on their head, a pair of large ‘forcep’ pinchers, and have six legs. Ants have poor eyesight, but are excellent at detecting movement. Their antennae are highly specialized to detect chemicals, air currents, and vibrations. Only reproductive ants, queens, and males, have wings.

Ants Behavior

The presence of ants can be undesirable in places meant to be sterile. They can also come in the way of humans by their habit of raiding stored food, damaging indoor structures, causing damage to agricultural crops either directly, by aiding sucking pests. or because of their stings and bites.

Ants invade homes in search of food. Their nests inside homes can do great damage, by hollowing out “galleries” in wood that are so smooth they appear to be sandpapered.

Ants Pest Control

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