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Why Sacramento Homeowners Should Consider Year-Round Pest Control

November 28, 2018

While some people chose to do home care themselves, many outsource the job to more qualified professionals. Pest control is no different except, with this task, few people have the same passion for it as professionals. Unlike with bad landscaping, the consequences of bad pest control carry a little more weight than a poor neighborhood image.... Read More

two large brown rats in a roseville california home

Cold Weather Invaders – Pest Control Roseville

September 30, 2018

With fall finally upon us, there’s the promise of cooler days just around the corner. Along with those shorter days and cold, wet nights will come a sudden onslaught of invading pests in Roseville and the Greater Sacramento Area.... Read More

large tan residential home in roseville california

Roseville Pest Control Home Remedies

September 20, 2018

Year-round pest control can and will control your Roseville pest problems. That being said, there are at-home, do it yourself remedies that can be used in a pinch to aid in controlling minor pest problems.... Read More

a fruit fly eating sugar in a california home

Fruit Fly Pest Control In Roseville, Lincoln & El Dorado Hills

September 15, 2018

With ripe, summer fruit and a promising fall harvest ahead, you may have noticed a sudden infestation of tiny flies or gnats. These annoying, flying indoor pests that are not uncommon to the Roseville area are known as fruit flies. If you have any exposed fruit or trash, chances are that’s where they’re hanging out.... Read More

a black widow spider hanging on its web in a roseville backyard

Pest Control & The Pest Life Cycle

September 10, 2018

All living organisms go through some form of the life cycle. For pests around your home and business, it is essential to understand how the pest life cycle works. For effective pest control, you have to break the life cycle of the pest.... Read More

a sacramento home owner cleaning out gutters

Easy Changes To Ensure A Pest-Free Home In The Greater Sacramento Area

September 5, 2018

Having pest problems at home can seem unavoidable. With the Greater Sacramento area’s warm, summer weather all manner of insects, arachnids, and rodents are out in full force. Eradicating all of these pests is unlikely and actually not recommended. Here are some changes that you can make around the home to minimize their presence... Read More

a tick clinging to a plant stem in northern california

A Common Pest In The Greater Sacramento Area

August 31, 2018

In case you’ve missed it, it’s summertime in the Greater Sacramento Area. You’ve no doubt experienced that, along with this warmest time of the year, there is a noticeable uptick in pest activity.... Read More

House Centipedes In The Greater Sacramento Area

August 26, 2018

Have you ever gone to take your morning shower and realized that you’re not alone? As you groggily glance down, you notice what looks like a line with many flowing hairs moving very quickly across the shower or tub bottom.... Read More

Mud Dauber Wasps In The Greater Sacramento Area

August 21, 2018

Mud Daubers, AKA Dirt Daubers, Dirt Diggers, Dirt Dobbers, Dirt Divers or Mud Wasps, are common wasps found throughout the Greater Sacramento area. You know those blobs of dried mud that somehow find their way under the eaves of buildings? Thank your neighborhood mud daubers for that.... Read More

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