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a carpenter bee in a hole

Mesa's Carpenter Bees: What You Should Look Out For

October 31, 2021

Overall, carpenter bees are relatively harmless to humans, but that is not the case for your Mesa home. These pests are best known for their carpentry skills, and even though they don't eat the wood, they can still cause significant damage to your property.... Read More

a large rat on top of rocks

Does Do It Yourself Work On The Rodents In Mesa?

October 27, 2021

Do-it-yourself rodent control alternatives are on the rise these days, and they may be doing more harm than good. Rodents are notoriously sneaky, and unless you have extensive pest control training, attempted pest removal could lead to many dangers and complications.... Read More

fire ants crawling on the table

Are the Fire Ants In Gilbert Dangerous?

October 21, 2021

Ants are among the most common pests that will create problems for Gilbert property owners. Ants are generally described as social insects that form large colonies. Their members have distinct classifications of castes based on their role or responsibility to the group.... Read More

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