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brown recluse up close

Six Simple Spider Control Tips For Mesa Property Owners

July 3, 2021

Spiders play a vital role in pest reduction, preying on insects we might otherwise find in our homes or yards. However, most homeowners don’t want a spider infestation anywhere near their home. Besides being a nuisance, spider bites cause irritation, pain, and swelling, and may even require a visit to the hospital in a worst case scenario. Mesa, AZ, residents will want to keep on reading for more information on spiders they are likely to... Read More

silverfish crawling on cardboard

The Key To Effective Silverfish Control In Mesa

July 2, 2021

One of the most ubiquitous pests in the United States, silverfish may infest any residential or commercial property with the ideal conditions. These tiny pests are attracted to humidity and moisture, and feed on a myriad of everyday materials found in most homes. Given Arizona’s climate, protecting your property against silverfish is a year-round concern — although once you know the facts, controlling silverfish is easier than you ... Read More

ants crawling on sandwich

How Ant Infestations Start On Gilbert Properties

July 1, 2021

Living with ants is frustrating. You think you’ve gotten rid of them, and then suddenly, a whole swarm emerges to devour that forgotten crumb on the kitchen floor. You spend time and money using store-bought ant control products, but nothing seems to work. When it comes to ants, prevention is key. Knowing how ant infestations start on Gilbert properties can spare you the stress of putting up with these resilient pests. ... Read More

wasp crawling on a leaf

How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Gilbert Yard

July 1, 2021

Picture this: you’ve got the day off on a sunny afternoon and you’re enjoying the weather in your yard. But before you can relax, you hear that telltale buzzing sound hovering around your body and aggressive wasps bully you back indoors. You try to get rid of them, but every time, you just end up getting stung instead.  You put your heart into creating your best outdoor space, so why let stinging insects ruin it? Learni... Read More

a centipede crawling in a basement

Why Centipedes Come Into Lincoln, CA Homes

June 30, 2021

Lincoln, CA homeowners can’t chance having insects and creatures around their property. Most can be very detrimental. If they don’t hurt folks with their bites and stings, they might spread germs and diseases. Several can ruin personal belongings and buildings. ... Read More

a mouse in the attic space of a home

The Best Form Of Rodent Control For Mesa, AZ Property Owners

June 30, 2021

Here in Mesa, AZ three rodents can give local home and business owners a hard time: rats, mice, and squirrels. Though each of these rodents is its unique species, they all can spread disease and parasites, and they can do similar damage around your property.... Read More

an ant crawling on a spring flower

Is It Dangerous To Have Ants In My Gilbert, AZ Home?

June 29, 2021

There are over 12,000 known ant species in the world, and more than 270 of them live right here in Arizona. That’s a lot of ants! While most ant species prefer to steer clear of humans, we have to watch out for quite a few pest varieties here in Gilbert, AZ.... Read More

a wasp that landed on a flower bud

How Dangerous Are Wasps In Lincoln, CA?

June 25, 2021

If huddles of flying insects are surrounding your Lincoln, CA home or business, you might as well forget about having visitors. You won’t have any prospective guests, investors, or customers, no matter how beauteous or clean your property is.... Read More

a eco friendly clean kitchen in a home

Why Eco-Friendly Pest Control Is The Way To Go In Gilbert, AZ

June 24, 2021

We won’t name names, but many pest control companies in Arizona and around the country use toxic chemical sprays and other harsh methods to deal with pest problems. Not only are these methods often unsafe for pets or people, but they’re also damaging to the ecosystem.... Read More

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