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Waspish Neighbors In The Greater Sacramento Area

August 11, 2018

Have you ever come across an intricately-patterned nest, seemingly made of paper tucked snugly into the eaves of your home, or perhaps in an attic? If you have, then you probably learned fairly quickly to keep your distance. Those paper nests are the home of a pest that’s quite common in California, especially in the Greater Sacramento area.... Read More

Having Fleas In Your Home Bites

August 1, 2018

Did you know that springtime is key flea control time? Just like many other pests in the Greater Sacramento area, fleas are dormant throughout the winter, but as the weather warms they begin to become more active. Their eggs will hatch and come summertime you, your family and your pets will be under attack.... Read More

Watch Out For Ticks When Prepping Your Garden In The Sacramento Region

July 27, 2018

Whether you live in Roseville or Folsom, the weather is perfect for being outdoors most of the year. The urge is strong to perform a little cleaning around your home. Not just in your closet or garage, but the yard and garden will soon be in high demand for the next growing season. Be wary of what you may stir up in your yard in your quest for a fresh garden.... Read More

Ants & Common Pest Problems In The Sacramento Area

July 22, 2018

Warm weather causes a whole host of insects and other common pests to become active. With their cold slumber over, pests will seek the three basic needs that they require to grow in numbers: water, food and shelter. The bad news is that the first place many will look is your home or business. Some of the most common pests that you’re likely to encounter are Ants.... Read More

When To Hire A Pest Control Professional

July 12, 2018

Do things go bump in the night at your home? Are you worried that you may have some kind of pest infestation? Have you tried to keep pests out of your home through various products, but with no luck? Maybe now is the time to consider bringing in a pest control professional.... Read More

Cockroach Pest Control

July 7, 2018

Rumored to be able to withstand just about anything, Cockroaches are the bane of many homeowners. The trouble is, they’re not just a pesky nuisance. Their presence in your home can cause major health problems for you and your family.... Read More

10 Easy Tips For Preventing Mouse & Rat Infestation

July 7, 2018

With an early spring on the horizon, it’s time to get a move on preventing mouse and rat infestations in your home. Rodents can cause huge problems for humans. Through mice and rats, you and your family can contract many diseases, and they have the ability to damage your home from the inside out.... Read More

Cold Weather Pest Control

June 27, 2018

While colder weather may bring relief from those flying pests, it certainly doesn’t mean your pest problems are on hiatus. Not all pests become dormant in the cold weather. Those that are still awake and aware are out there are looking for easy access to shelter from the cold, as well as a steady food supply. Does your home check these boxes? If you think it might, you need pest control.... Read More

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